Emanuelis ZINGERIS
Personal Information
(16/07/1957 - )
Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrats
Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
Gedimino 53
LTU - 01109 - Vilnius-2
E-mail: emanuelis.zingeris@lrs.lt
www :

Member's roles in the PACE
Membership of political groups:
Group of the European People's Party (26/01/2009 - ) (Member)
Assembly Member:
since 26/01/2009  (Representative)
from 22/01/2007 to 21/01/2008 (Substitute)
from 23/01/2006 to 22/01/2007 (Representative)
from 24/01/2005 to 23/01/2006 (Substitute)
from 27/01/1997 to 09/11/2000 (Representative)
from 24/01/1994 to 27/01/1997 (Substitute)
Working language: English
MP's role(s) in Committee(s) and Sub-Committee(s):
Full Member: Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
Alternate of: Ms Birute VESAITE in the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy)
Author / Rapporteur
07/06/2010 The political consequences of the economic crisis (Doc. 12282 | Report)
05/10/2005 The Council of Europe and the European Neighbourhood Policy of the European Union (Doc. 10708 | Committee Opinion)
04/10/1999 Looted Jewish cultural property (Doc. 8563 | Report)
27/01/1999 Cultural situation in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Doc. 8310 | Committee Opinion)
13/02/1996 Colloquy on Yiddish culture (Doc. 7489 | Addendum to the report)
12/02/1996 Yiddish culture (Doc. 7489 | Report)
22/04/2015 In Memoriam of Boris Nemtsov (Doc. 13767 | Written declaration)
21/04/2015 Removal of children from immigrant families in Norway (Doc. 13759 | Written declaration)
30/01/2015 The situation of human rights and democracy in Iran (Doc. 13702 | Written declaration)
29/01/2015 Abuse of pre-trial detention in Georgia (Doc. 13699 | Written declaration)
29/01/2015 Legal remedies to human rights violations on the Ukrainian territories outside the control of the Ukrainian authorities (Doc. 13700 | Motion for a resolution)
27/01/2015 The status of former presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly (Doc. 13686 | Motion for a resolution)
07/10/2014 The crash of Polish Air Force Tu-154 transporting the Polish delegation on 10 April 2010 on the Russian Federation's territory (Doc. 13628 | Motion for a resolution)
02/10/2014 Support human rights, democracy and gender equality in Iran in order to overcome extremism, evict Iran's theocracy from meddling in Iraq, Syria and the region (Doc. 13624 | Written declaration)
02/10/2014 Massive violations of the rights of Crimean Tatars in Crimea unlawfully occupied by the Russian Federation (Doc. 13623 | Written declaration)
15/07/2014 Support Human Rights in Iran and security for Camp Liberty (Doc. 13478 | Written declaration)
02/07/2014 Abusive use of the Interpol system: the need for more stringent legal safeguards (Doc. 13566 | Motion for a resolution)
01/07/2014 Urgent need to prevent human rights violations during peaceful protests (Doc. 13565 | Motion for a resolution)
30/06/2014 The need to prevent and combat separatist practices (Doc. 13558 | Motion for a resolution)
17/04/2014 Condemning the violation of pupils’ right to learn in their Romanian mother tongue in the secessionist Transnistrian region (Doc. 13500 | Written declaration)
31/03/2014 Implementation of resolutions on the humanitarian consequences of the war between Russia and Georgia: five years after (Doc. 13422 | Motion for a resolution)
24/03/2014 Suspension of the voting rights of the Russian delegation (Rule 9 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly) (Doc. 13459 | Motion for a resolution)
21/03/2014 Credentials of the Russian Delegation (Doc. 13457 | Motion for a resolution)
11/02/2014 The Ukrainian Parliament should finalise the creation of preconditions for signing the Association Agreement with the European Union (Doc. 13314 | Written declaration)
11/12/2013 Freedom of religion and religious practices (Doc. 13364 | Motion for a resolution)
04/10/2013 Pressure exerted by the Russian Federation on Council of Europe member States / Eastern Partnership countries (Doc. 13330 | Motion for a resolution)
01/10/2013 The Ukrainian Parliament should finalise the creation of preconditions for signing the Association Agreement with the European Union (Doc. 13314 | Written declaration)
01/10/2013 Increasing co-operation against cyberterrorism and other large-scale attacks on the Internet (Doc. 13319 | Motion for a resolution)
04/07/2013 Gender equality in science, research and technology (Doc. 13276 | Motion for a resolution)
03/07/2013 Political participation for migrant Diaspora (Doc. 13272 | Motion for a resolution)
03/07/2013 Use of physical force against journalists: a challenge to democracy (Doc. 13274 | Motion for a resolution)
02/07/2013 Politically motivated prosecution of opposition members in Georgia (Doc. 13268 | Written declaration)
27/06/2013 Anxiety towards the developments in the region of Transnistria (Doc. 13261 | Written declaration)
18/06/2013 Impunity of perpetrators of crimes committed by totalitarian communist regimes in Europe (Doc. 13234 | Motion for a recommendation)
10/07/2012 Inhumane pressure by the Government of Iraq on residents of Ashraf and Liberty is totally unacceptable (Doc. 12916 | Written declaration)
10/07/2012 The progress of democratic reform in the Republic of Moldova (Doc. 12915 | Written declaration)
14/05/2012 In support of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Ales Bialiatski, Belarusian Human Rights Defender (Doc. 12854 | Written declaration)
09/05/2012 Tackling intolerance and discrimination in Europe with a special focus on Christianity (Doc. 12932 | Motion for a resolution)
09/02/2012 The Sergei Magnitsky case (Doc. 12744 | Written declaration)
31/01/2012 The impact of global financial power on democracies (Doc. 12859 | Motion for a resolution)
31/01/2012 Violence on television and its consequences on children (Doc. 12858 | Motion for a resolution)
31/01/2012 The idea of Big Society, development of subsidiarity and common good (Doc. 12860 | Motion for a resolution)
27/01/2012 Condemning Egyptian raids against NGOs (Doc. 12857 | Written declaration)
25/01/2012 In support of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Ales Bialiatski, Belarusian Human Rights Defender (Doc. 12854 | Written declaration)
25/01/2012 A call for the international civil peacekeeping mission in the Transnistrian secessionist region (Doc. 12851 | Written declaration)
13/10/2011 70th anniversary of the Soviet deportations in the Baltic States (Doc. 12664 | Written declaration)
06/10/2011 Restoring social justice through a tax on financial transactions (Doc. 12759 | Motion for a resolution)
06/10/2011 Protection of Camp Ashraf (Doc. 12765 | Written declaration)
06/10/2011 Turkey’s threats against the sovereign right of the Republic of Cyprus to explore its oil and natural gas resources within its Exclusive Economic Zone (Doc. 12762 | Written declaration)
06/10/2011 In support of Ales Bialiatski, Belarus Human Rights Defender (Doc. 12760 | Written declaration)
04/10/2011 The Sergei Magnitsky case (Doc. 12744 | Written declaration)
04/10/2011 Keeping political and criminal responsibility separate (Doc. 12749 | Motion for a resolution)
04/10/2011 Justice for Dawit Isaak in Eritrea (Doc. 12742 | Written declaration)
04/07/2011 Unjustified damage to the image of the Moldovan Parliament (Doc. 12593 | Written declaration)
30/06/2011 Europe and integrated risk management (Doc. 12679 | Motion for a resolution)
22/06/2011 70th anniversary of the Soviet deportations in the Baltic States (Doc. 12664 | Written declaration)
03/02/2011 The state of media freedom in Europe (Doc. 12518 | Motion for a recommendation)
07/10/2010 50th Anniversary of the Parliamentary Assembly Resolution condemning the Soviet occupation of the Baltic States (Doc. 12399 | Written declaration)
13/10/2009 The economic crisis and the legitimacy of democracy in Europe (Doc. 12066 | Motion for a resolution)
04/02/2009 The evaluation of the Molotov-Ribbentropp Pact approaching its 70th anniversary (Doc. 11833 | Motion for a resolution)
27/06/2007 Protecting Europe’s historic urban landscapes from new tall buildings (Doc. 11336 | Motion for a resolution)
05/07/2006 Occupation of a building of the diplomatic mission of Lithuania in Rome (Doc. 11005 | Written declaration)
26/04/2005 A series of travelling exhibitions of major European works of art (Doc. 10526 | Motion for a recommendation)
05/04/2000 No. 301 - Trial of the thirteen Iranian Jews in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Doc. 8709 | Written declaration)
24/06/1998 Actions of the Belarus Government against the embassies of foreign countries (Doc. 8153 | Motion for a resolution)
23/06/1998 No. 277 - Institution of a permanent international criminal court (Doc. 8152 | Written declaration)
03/07/1997 Jewish cultural heritage (Doc. 7872 | Motion for a resolution)
30/06/1994 Yiddish culture (Doc. 7116 | Motion for a resolution)