Personal Information
Russian Federation
(11/11/1961 - )
United Russia
Member of the Federal Council
Council of the Federation
B. Dmitrovka 26
RU - 103426 - Moscow
E-mail: cfpace@council.gov.ru
www :

Member's roles in the PACE
Membership of political groups:
European Democrat Group (21/01/2008 - 20/01/2013) (Member)
Assembly Member:
from 21/01/2008 to 20/01/2013 (Substitute)
Working language: English
10/07/2012 Exploitation of homophobia for political ends by Moldova's Communist Party (Doc. 12910 | Written declaration)
06/06/2012 Addressing age discrimination on the labour market (Doc. 12947 | Motion for a resolution)
26/04/2012 Exploitation of homophobia for political ends by Moldova’s Communist Party (Doc. 12910 | Written declaration)
26/04/2012 Promoting the human rights of prisoners in Council of Europe member States (Doc. 12921 | Motion for a resolution)
05/04/2012 Tackling racism in law-enforcement institutions (Doc. 12888 | Motion for a resolution)
12/10/2011 Effective and fair returns of irregular migrants and failed asylum seekers (Doc. 12771 | Motion for a resolution)
12/10/2011 Protecting patients’ rights: preventing unnecessary medical treatment (Doc. 12773 | Motion for a resolution)
06/10/2011 Developing advanced drug policies: the example of drug-checking (Doc. 12763 | Motion for a resolution)
03/10/2011 Role of NGOs in countering nationalism, migrantophobia and xenophobia in Europe (Doc. 12737 | Motion for a resolution)
23/06/2011 The accession of non-member States to Council of Europe conventions (Doc. 12667 | Motion for a resolution)
25/01/2011 Towards a Council of Europe Convention to combat trafficking in organs, tissues and cells of human origin (Doc. 12492 | Motion for a recommendation)
17/12/2008 Investing in family cohesion as a development factor in times of crisis (Doc. 11782 | Motion for a resolution)