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République de Moldova
(13/03/1962 - )
Parti Libéral de Moldova
Parlamentul Republicii Moldova
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MD - 2073 - Chisinau
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Rôle(s) à l'Assemblée parlementaire
Membre des groupes politiques :
Alliance des démocrates et des libéraux pour l'Europe (27/01/2014 - 25/01/2015) (Member)
Alliance des démocrates et des libéraux pour l'Europe (22/04/2013 - 26/01/2014) (Vice-Chairperson)
Alliance des démocrates et des libéraux pour l'Europe (28/09/2009 - 21/04/2013) (Member)
Membre de l'Assemblée:
du 28/09/2009 au 25/01/2015 (Représentant)
Langue de travail: français
21/11/2014 Major progress for securing the democratic European path of the Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine (Doc. 13552 | Written declaration)
07/10/2014 The crash of Polish Air Force Tu-154 transporting the Polish delegation on 10 April 2010 on the Russian Federation's territory (Doc. 13628 | Motion for a resolution)
02/10/2014 Massive violations of the rights of Crimean Tatars in Crimea unlawfully occupied by the Russian Federation (Doc. 13623 | Written declaration)
02/10/2014 Support human rights, democracy and gender equality in Iran in order to overcome extremism, evict Iran's theocracy from meddling in Iraq, Syria and the region (Doc. 13624 | Written declaration)
01/10/2014 Parliamentary immunity: challenges to the scope of the privileges and immunities enjoyed by members of the Parliamentary Assembly (Doc. 13621 | Motion for a resolution)
01/10/2014 Protecting women and children in a humanitarian crisis (Doc. 13622 | Written declaration)
15/07/2014 Support Human Rights in Iran and security for Camp Liberty (Doc. 13478 | Written declaration)
30/06/2014 The need to prevent and combat separatist practices (Doc. 13558 | Motion for a resolution)
25/06/2014 Major progress for securing the democratic European path of the Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine (Doc. 13552 | Written declaration)
25/06/2014 The need to strengthen Council of Europe action to protect the safety of journalists (Doc. 13554 | Written declaration)
17/04/2014 Condemning the violation of pupils’ right to learn in their Romanian mother tongue in the secessionist Transnistrian region (Doc. 13500 | Written declaration)
10/04/2014 Citizens' assemblies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Doc. 13495 | Written declaration)
31/03/2014 Implementation of resolutions on the humanitarian consequences of the war between Russia and Georgia: five years after (Doc. 13422 | Motion for a resolution)
24/03/2014 Suspension of the voting rights of the Russian delegation (Rule 9 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly) (Doc. 13459 | Motion for a resolution)
04/02/2014 Clear definition of the criteria of political persecution (Doc. 13421 | Motion for a resolution)
28/01/2014 Educational and cultural networks of communities living abroad (Doc. 13404 | Motion for a resolution)
04/10/2013 Pressure exerted by the Russian Federation on Council of Europe member States / Eastern Partnership countries (Doc. 13330 | Motion for a resolution)
01/10/2013 Access to justice through online instruments (Doc. 13318 | Motion for a resolution)
03/07/2013 How to prevent inappropriate restrictions on NGO activities in Europe? (Doc. 13273 | Motion for a resolution)
02/07/2013 Industrial policy in Europe (Doc. 13267 | Written declaration)
27/06/2013 Anxiety towards the developments in the region of Transnistria (Doc. 13261 | Written declaration)
10/07/2012 The progress of democratic reform in the Republic of Moldova (Doc. 12915 | Written declaration)
10/07/2012 Inhumane pressure by the Government of Iraq on residents of Ashraf and Liberty is totally unacceptable (Doc. 12916 | Written declaration)
14/05/2012 In support of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Ales Bialiatski, Belarusian Human Rights Defender (Doc. 12854 | Written declaration)
09/05/2012 Tackling intolerance and discrimination in Europe with a special focus on Christianity (Doc. 12932 | Motion for a resolution)
04/05/2012 Internet and politics: the impact of new information and communication technology on democracy (Doc. 12924 | Motion for a resolution)
26/04/2012 The expropriation of the YPF Oil Company by the Argentine Government (Doc. 12922 | Written declaration)
24/04/2012 Refusing impunity for the killers of Sergei Magnitsky (Doc. 12909 | Motion for a resolution)
25/01/2012 A call for the international civil peacekeeping mission in the Transnistrian secessionist region (Doc. 12851 | Written declaration)
25/01/2012 Call to draw attention to the persistent scourge of impunity in Turkey (Doc. 12849 | Written declaration)
25/01/2012 Condemnation of the man-made ecological disaster project of Teghut (Doc. 12847 | Written declaration)
14/10/2011 Urgent need to address integrity challenges to sport (Doc. 12671 | Written declaration)
04/07/2011 Unjustified damage to the image of the Moldovan Parliament (Doc. 12593 | Written declaration)
30/06/2011 Unaccompanied migrant children: what rights at 18? (Doc. 12678 | Motion for a resolution)
30/06/2011 Alternatives to Europe’s sub-standard IDP collective centres (Doc. 12676 | Motion for a resolution)
24/06/2011 Urgent need to address integrity challenges to sport (Doc. 12671 | Written declaration)
23/06/2011 Registration of political parties in Russia (Doc. 12666 | Motion for a resolution)
23/06/2011 Code of conduct of members of the Assembly: good practice or a core duty? (Doc. 12669 | Motion for a resolution)
22/06/2011 Promoting alternatives to imprisonment (Doc. 12659 | Motion for a resolution)
17/03/2011 Gender equality and the reconciliation of family and professional life (Doc. 12541 | Motion for a resolution)
03/02/2011 The state of media freedom in Europe (Doc. 12518 | Motion for a recommendation)