Parliamentary Assembly

RESOLUTION 464 (1970)[1]

on the creation of a European Youth Foundation

The Assembly,

1. Recalling its Recommendation 592 (1970) in which it supported the idea of a European Youth Foundation ;

2. Considering that a youth policy requires, at European level, a structure capable of providing appropriate support to youth, whether organised or not, and of encouraging European activities with a view to pooling experience and carrying out joint tasks ;

3. Being of the opinion that the establishment of a European Foundation is an urgent task incumbent on all governments ;

4. Welcoming the initiatives already taken in certain national parliaments to stimulate government action to this end,

5. Invites its members to take all possible steps to ensure that the national parliaments urge their governments to do their utmost to set up as soon as possible a European Youth Foundation.

[1]. Assembly debate on 22 September 1970 (15th Sitting) (see Doc. 2820, report of the Committee on Culture and Education).

Text adopted by the Assembly on 22 September 1970 (15th Sitting).