Parliamentary Assembly

May 1968



Sitting and date

Directed to :



9th Sitting 10 May 1968

(ii) Permanent Working Party on Parliamentary and Public Relations ;

Regional planning




The Assembly,




1. Considering the importance and interest of the Joint Working Party's report on "Regional Planning, a European Problem" ;



(ii) Secretary General.

2. Having regard to the appropriations already made for publication of that report in English and French ;




3. Considering the necessity of having the report translated into non-official languages, in particular German and Italian, and of assuring its very wide circulation in all countries of Europe,




4. Instructs :




(i) the Permanent Working Party on Parliamentary and Public Relations to see to the required circulation of the report ;




(ii) the Secretary General to make arrangements for the proposed translations and for the printing of sufficient copies to allow of adequate distribution in all member countries.