Parliamentary Assembly

RESOLUTION 531 (1972)[1]

on freedom of expression and the role of the artist in society

The Assembly,

1. Emphasising that freedom of expression is an inalienable right in every truly democratic society ;

2. Considering that the rapid development of the communications media lends a new dimension to the artist's role, and thus responsibility, vis-Ó-vis society ;

3. Believing that cultural policy must guarantee the artist's freedom of expression and protect his independence ;

4. Believing that the artist is an essential element in the framing and application of any cultural policy ;

5. Desirous of paying particular attention to the problems raised by artistic creativity in the member States,

6. Decides :

(a) to direct its Committee on Culture and Education to organise a symposium on freedom of expression and the role of the artist in European society ;

(b) to invite to this symposium leading figures from the world of the arts, literature and culture in general, as well as government officials responsible for cultural affairs.

[1]. Assembly debate on 20 October 1972 (13th Sitting) (see Doc. 3185, report of the Committee on Culture and Education).

Text adopted by the Assembly on 20 October 1972 (13th Sitting).