Parliamentary Assembly

 ORDER No. 362 (1977)[1]

on regional planning

The Assembly,

1. Having examined the report of its Committee on Regional Planning and Local Authorities on the conclusions of the two European ministerial conferences held in 1976 on regional planning (Bari) and on the development of local and regional authorities in Europe (Athens) (Doc. 3914) ;

2. Stressing the importance of adopting an interdisciplinary approach to regional planning problems, with consultation between politicians and technicians,

3. Instructs its Committee on Regional Planning and Local Authorities to establish close co-operation with the CEMAT Committee of Senior Officials, in accordance with the wish expressed by the Ministers at the Bari Colloquy, in all matters of common interest, including the problems of mountain regions, frontier co-operation and trunk communications policy ;

4. Referring to Resolution No. 4 of the European Conference of Ministers responsible for Regional Planning (CEMAT), concerning the problems of mountain regions, and to its own Resolution 570 (1974), on the European functions of alpine regions,

5. Instructs its Committee on Regional Planning and Local Authorities to initiate, jointly with the CEMAT Committee of Senior Officials and other Council of Europe committees, consultation of the representatives of the socio-economic groupings and the authorities responsible for planning and nature conservation in alpine regions, with a view to identifying the conflicting interests involved and the measures planned to guarantee the inhabitants of these regions equal opportunities for economic development, while safeguarding their natural and cultural heritage as fundamental assets for the whole of Europe, and to report back in 1978 ;

6. Noting once again that a specific Assembly recommendation, namely Recommendation 556, on land policy in Europe, has not been brought to the attention of the Ministers concerned, and anxious to improve the information circuits linking the Council of Europe and the different ministerial departments,

7. Instructs its Committee on Parliamentary and Public Relations to inquire of national departments how information on the work of the Council of Europe, and particularly on Assembly debates and recommendations, is conveyed to them, and to consider how this information system might be improved.

[1]. Assembly debate on 25 January 1977 (22nd Sitting) (see Doc. 3914, report of the Committee on Regional Planning and Local Authorities).

Text adopted by the Assembly on 25 January 1977 (22nd Sitting).