RESOLUTION 834 (1985)[1]

on European Music Year

The Assembly,

1. Referring to the report of its Committee on Culture and Education (Doc. 5327) and to Recommendation 1001 on European Music Year ;

2. Having expressed its support for the principal objectives of this Year, namely :

a. to promote music in general, of all types and periods ;

b. to broaden public access and active participation in musical life, in particular by young people and minorities ;

c. to offer better opportunities and social conditions for young composers and performers ;

d. to reinforce music education and training ;

e. to safeguard, enhance and enrich the common musical heritage,

3. Calls the attention of national parliaments to European Music Year.

[1]. Assembly debate on 28 January 1985 (22nd Sitting) (see Doc. S327, report of the Committee on Culture and Education).

Text adopted by the Assembly on 28 January 198S (22nd Sitting).