RESOLUTION 887 (1987)1 on European Cinema and Television Year

The Assembly,
1. Recalling its various recommendations on cinema and the audiovisual sector, in particular Recommendation 862 (1979) on cinema and the state, and Recommendation 1067 (1987) on the cultural dimension of broadcasting in Europe ;
2. Stressing the importance of the cultural diversity of Europe which ought to be reflected in the audiovisual field ;
3. Welcoming the designation of 1988 as European Cinema and Television Year (ECTVY), an activity which will be undertaken jointly by the Council of Europe and the European Communities ;
4. Noting that the main objectives of the Year are :

a. to promote awareness, particularly among political circles, cinema and television professionals and opinion leaders, of the importance of a strong audiovisual industry, able to compete with the large overseas industries in this field ;

b. to reflect the European identity in the audiovisual media and facilitate creativity, working for a better balance among the large and small cultural areas in Europe ;

c.  to promote progress within the Community in this field and the creation of conditions for the development of the European audiovisual sector, working for, inter alia, increased mobility of persons and goods connected with the audiovisual industry ;

d. to obtain better co-operation within Europe on the financing, production and distribution of audiovisual programmes, and a closer partnership between cinema and television ;

5. Noting that the Year is being prepared, at European level, by a steering committee and, at national level, by national committees to be set up in all the participating countries ;
6. Wishing ECTVY to be open to as many countries as possible ;
7. Drawing attention to the importance of co-operation with East European countries and of including them especially in the implementation of the Year ;
8. Supporting the initiative of its Committee on Culture and Education to contribute to the Year by organising a colloquy on ‘‘Cinema and television : the audiovisual field as a vector of communication between East and West'', in Orvieto (Italy) ;
9. Recalling the holding of European Music Year in 1985 and wishing that lessons be drawn from it for 1988 ;
10. Believing that all Council of Europe member countries and all states signatory to the European Cultural Convention should fully participate in the Year,
11. Calls on the government, and where appropriate national parliament, of each participating state to make budgetary provisions to ensure in 1988 :

a. the participation by cinema and television professionals in ECTVY activities ;

b. the effective working of its national committee on the European level as well as internally ;

c.  the running of the Steering Committee for the Year ;

12. Asks the ECTVY Steering Committee :

a. to consider possible follow-up measures as well as preparing for the Year ;

b. to encourage television channels to co-operate by preparing films or documentaries on cultural routes in Europe and other subjects ;

c.  to include the Orvieto Colloquy in the European programme of activities.


1Assembly debate on 8 October 1987 (18th Sitting) (see Doc. 5782, report of the Committee on Culture and Education).
Text adopted by the Assembly
on 8 October 1987 (18th Sitting).