RECOMMENDATION 1073 (1988)1 on the follow-up to European Music Year
The Assembly,
1. Recalling European Music Year 1985 ;
2. Welcoming the many initiatives taken on this occasion to promote music as essential for the development of the human being ;
3. Recalling its several recommendations and proposals relating to music, and in particular Assembly Recommendation 1001 (1985) on European Music Year, and the Resolution of the European Organising Committee, of 16 April 1986, on the follow-up to the Year ;
4. Insisting on the need to pursue a number of projects likely to contribute to the realisation of the long-term objectives of the Year ;
5. Regretting that the main activities identified when the European Organising Committee was dissolved have not been followed up as hoped by the Council for Cultural Co-operation,
6. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers provide encouragement to real European co-operation in the field of music by setting up a steering committee for music with the task of pursuing at both intergovernmental and non-governmental levels the objectives of European Music Year, namely :

a. to broaden public access and active participation in musical life, in particular by young people and minorities ;

b. to offer better opportunities and social conditions for young composers and performers ;

c.  To reinforce music education and training ;

d. to safeguard, enhance and enrich the common musical heritage.

1. Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 23 March 1988.
   See Doc. 5856, report of the Committee on Culture and Education.