RECOMMENDATION 1077 (1988)1 on access to transfrontier audiovisual media during election campaigns
The Assembly,
1. Considering the principles set forth in its Resolution 900 (1988) ;
2. Considering the impact on a democratic society of the far-reaching changes affecting the mass communication media, particularly as a result of the development of transfrontier communications,
3. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers envisage drawing up European principles governing political parties' access to transfrontier radio and television, particularly during election periods.

1Assembly debate on 5 May 1988 (7th Sitting) (see Doc. 5766, report of the Committee on Parliamentary and Public Relations, Rapporteur : Mr Guerra ; Doc. 5866, complementary report ; and Doc. 5798, opinion of the Legal Affairs Committee, Rapporteur : Mr Rodota').

Text adopted by the Assembly on 5 May 1988 (7th Sitting).