ORDER No. 498 (1994)[1]

on demographic change and sustainable development


  1. The Assembly refers to Recommendation 1243 (1994) on demographic change and sustainable development.

  2. It emphasises the importance and the multidimensional nature of demographic factors and their impact on socio-economic development and the environment.

  3. An international conference on population and development is to be held in Cairo from 5 to 13 September 1994. Wishing to monitor closely the development of these problems, the Assembly invites the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Demography:

  1. to submit a report to it on the conclusions of the above-mentioned conference on population and development, together with specific recommendations on how the Council of Europe can follow up the work of this conference;

  2. to monitor, in co-operation notably with the Committee on Economic Affairs and Development, the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee, the Committee on the Environment, Regional Planning and Local Authorities and the Ad hoc Committee on Equality of the Sexes, issues of demographic change as related to sustainable development;

  3. to organise, with the participation of national parliaments, the European Parliament, OECD and other European and international organisations concerned, a first interparliamentary conference on demography and sustainable development.

[1]Assembly debate on 28 June 1994 (18th Sitting) (see Doc. 7089, report of the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Demography, Rapporteuse: Mrs Robert).
Text adopted by the Assembly on 28 June 1994 (18th Sitting).