RECOMMENDATION 1234 (1994)1 on a European prize for young writers and artists

1.The Assembly is well aware of the importance of encouraging young people and promoting excellence in the fields of literature and arts in Europe.

2.With industrialisation and the development of contemporary entertainment, the fight for the public's attention is hard. Awarding prizes is a classic way of drawing the public's attention to what is considered of particular interest. Awards can thus enable the public to appreciate what is outstanding at any given time and be of direct and practical value to the development of the arts.

3.The Council of Europe has shown great initiative in European cultural issues and should further strengthen and establish its leading role.

4.The Assembly therefore recommends that the Committee of Ministers:

i.set up, in the form of a partial agreement, a European prize for young writers and artists. The prize, which should be awarded every year, should acknowledge outstanding works in the fields of: and dance;

b.poetry, fiction and drama;

c.visual arts and architecture produced by young people throughout the area covered by the European Cultural Convention;

ii.reach an agreement to include the award ceremony of the prize in an appropriate European arts festival, held successively in each of the countries signatories to the European Cultural Convention. The costs of the ceremony and of the promotion of the prize-winning works of art should be borne by the country hosting the festival.


1.Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 28 February 1994.

See Doc. 6958, report of the Committee on Culture and Education, Rapporteur: Mr Arnalds.