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Fourth part of the 2006 Ordinary Session
Strasbourg, 2-6 October 2006
  Order of Business and tabled reports
  The Session (information bulletin for plenary sessions)
  Adopted texts

Verbatim records
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- Discorsi pronunciati in italiano

  Sitting Minutes
Voting results
Speeches delivered at this part session
  Opening speech by the President of the Assembly at the 4th part of the 2006 Assembly’s Session, Strasbourg, 02 october 2006
  Welcome by Mr Van der linden, President of the Parliamentary Assembly to Prime Minister of Croatia Ivo Sanader (strasbourg, 2 october 2006)
  Speech on the occasion of the presentation of the sculpture “gymnast” by Croatian artist Vasko Lipovac (strasbourg, 2 october 2006, 7.00 p.m.)
  Welcome to Prime Minister of Albania, Mr Sali Berisha and the Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Adnan Terzic (Strasbourg, 3 october 2006)
  Address on the occasion of the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution (lobby of the hemicycle, 4 october 2006, 1.00 p.m.)
  Welcome to Mr Serguei Lavrov, Chairman of the Committee of Ministers, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (strasbourg, 4 october 2006, chamber, 10.00 a.m.)
  Speech by Mr. Angel Gurría Secretary-General Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Strasbourg, 4 October 2006)