Parliamentary Assembly

RECOMMENDATION 842 (1978)[1]

on the 21st report on the activities of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The Assembly,

1. Considering the 21st report on the activities of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (1 January 1976 - 31 December 1977) (Doc. 4179), and the report of its Committee on Population and Refugees in reply (Doc. 4204) ;

2. Expressing appreciation of the work of the High Commissioner and his staff on behalf of refugees in all parts of the world ;

3. Welcoming, in particular, his efforts to facilitate the voluntary repatriation of refugees, or alternatively to promote their integration in countries of first asylum or their resettlement elsewhere, and to promote the reunification of separated refugee families ;

4. Stressing the importance of maintaining high standards for the protection of refugees throughout the world, and of ensuring that these standards are effectively implemented ;

5. Regretting that the United Nations Conference on Territorial Asylum, held in Geneva in February 1977, has been unable to complete its task of considering and adopting a convention on territorial asylum ;

6. Aware, on the one hand, of the increasing financial requirements necessary to UNHCR in order to enable him to perform fully his tasks and, on the other, of the great imbalance in the contributions of participating countries,

7. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers invite the governments of member states :

i. to have particular regard to the need for maintaining high standards of international protection of refugees, and for ensuring their effective implementation ;

ii. to take appropriate initiatives with a view to the establishment of an equitable scale of contributions to the High Commissioner's assistance budget among countries participating in the activities of his Office ;

8. Further recommends that the Committee of Ministers :

i. consider the possibility of elaborating a European convention on territorial asylum should any initiatives taken in regard to this matter at universal level not lead to any concrete results in the near future ;

ii. give adequate follow-up at an early date to the Assembly recommendations in favour of refugees, now pending.

[1]. Assembly debate on 30 September 1978 (13th Sitting) (see Doc. 4204, report of the Committee on Population and Refugees).

Text adapted by the Assembly on 30 September 1978 (13th Sitting).