Workshop “Search in Parliaments”Semantically Enhanced Search (Strasbourg, 18-19 December 2014)
  • Mr  Ioannis Antoniou

    Department of Statistics and Operational Research
    School of Mathematics, A.U.Th. Aristotle University - Thessaloniki (Greece)

    Ioannis Antoniou investigated different fascinating aspects of Complexity together with Ilya Prigogine (Nobel Prize 1977) at the Solvay Institutes, Brussels. Since 2001, he is teaching Information Theory and Web Analysis, Knowledge Processing, Modeling of Complex Systems and Chaos at the Mathematics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research includes Complex Systems and Networks, Dynamical Systems, ?nformation Traffic in Networks, Chaos, Stochastic Modeling, Statistical and Mathematical Physics, Computational Mathematics, Functional Analysis and Operator Theory. Ioannis Antoniou has served as Deputy Director of the International Solvay Institutes of Physics and Chemistry in Brussels and Head of the Mathematics Department of the AUTH. Today, he is Director of the Graduate Studies of the Mathematics Department of the AUTH and Member of the Scientific Council of the International Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia, collaborating on Internet Traffic and Semantic Web. He is the author of 133 papers in journals, 41 papers in conference proceedings, 18 research reports, co-editor of 11 books, 5 translations, 10 letters, 2 patents and 11 articles/interviews for the general public, has directed 7 PhD Theses, organized 23 Conferences and participated in 175 Conferences and served as Referee in 14 Journals. Ioannis Antoniou is Professor Honoris Causa of Lomonosov Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University and Member of the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities. He was awarded the Kapitza Medal of Russian Academy, the De Donder Prize from the Royal Academy of Belgium (1991-1993) and the Prigogine Price (2008).

  • Ms  Josefa Fuentes

    Directress of Documentation
    Senate (Spanish Parliament) - Madrid (Spain)

    Graduated in English Philology from the Complutense University of Madrid. Archivist-Librarian of Parliament since 1991, she has led the European Documentation Service in the Senate since 1993 and is currently the Directress of Documentation in the House. He teaches courses at the National Institute of Public Administration and other public and private agencies as a specialist in parliamentary information sources. He has published various articles and analysis of current state of European information. She has coordinated on the part of the Senate the network of documentation from parliaments of the member states of the EU on parliamentary control of governments in EU affairs (IPEX).

  • Mr  Frédéric Gallone

    Senior Consultant
    European Parliament - Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

    I'm a Senior consultant working for the European Parliament, specialized in XMLisation, data publication in web environment and search engines, also in charge of a project related to Semantic Web (using a skos thesaurus, establishing a domain ontology, open data, linked data , ...). In my last 13 years in the EP Web dev team, I acquired an expertise in search engines (Oracle text, Google Search Appliance, Lucene Solr, ElasticSearch).

  • Mr  Marko  Grobelnik

    Researcher and Project Manager
    Artificial Intelligence Laboratory - Jožef Stefan Institute - Ljubljana (Slovenia)

    Semantic Technologies naturally fit on search adding a layer on the top of the usual keyword search, where metadata on the content and search parameters can be combined enabling, for instance, search on news articles written in France on a specific event with positive connotation mentioning some particular person or organization.

  • Mr  Jean-Pierre Guglielmi

    Head of the IT Unit
    Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe - Strasbourg (France)

    Business Applications & Project Manager, particularly interested in knowledge management & the use of ICT tools. Currently leading projects on structuring working documents (XML), taxonomy & ontologies in the field of Parliamentary Assembly activities. Always interested in linguistics. Specialties:linguistics, knowledge management, ICT tools