Workshop “Search in Parliaments”Semantically Enhanced Search (Strasbourg, 18-19 December 2014)
  • Ms  Laura Liudvinaviciute

    ICT applications assistant / Project leader
    European Parliament - Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

    I am a project leader of Knowledge Management Portal for the European Parliament. phase 1: integration of different existing search engines SolR, GSA (completed) phase 2: EP data aggregation (building one document management system for dissemination) (partially completed) phase 3: enterprise search project for all EP documents using ElasticSearch (on-going) Interesting topics for future needs: semantic web, open data

  • Ms  Elizabeth Marley

    Thesaurus Editor
    House of Commons Library - London (United Kingdom)

    I work in the Indexing and Data Management Section of the House of Commons Library, and am responsible for Parliament's thesauri and controlled vocabularies. I previously worked in electronic publishing as a metadata analyst involved in data conversion and MARC record production.

  • Prof.  Dunia Mladenić

    Professor at Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate school and University of Primorska
    Jožef Stefan Institute - Ljubljana (Slovenia)

    Artificial Intelligence can be use to enhance search by combining machine learning methods and semantic technologies. Not only that we can model behavior and interest of the user to provide personalized search results, the results themselves can be grouped based on their semantic content using automatically obtained or predefined categories.

  • Ms  Susanne Nylander

    Manager of search and indexing
    The Danish Parliament - Copenhagen (Denmark)

    As Search Manager, responsible for the search solution on the web pages of the Danish Parliament. This involves user perspective for search navigation and technical perspective for search architecture. As Indexing Manager, responsible for the daily indexing flow of parliamentary documents and content on web pages. This involves structure of parliamentary taxonomy.

  • Ms  Silvia Octavio

    Head of the Development Area for ICT
    Spanish Senate - Madrid (Spain)

    I am the Head of the Development Area for ICT at Spanish Senate. I am in charge of the corporate web development among other activities. Both the web and the intranet make use of a search engine, which I believe could be more efficient if some issues were resolved. I firmly believe this seminar will help my team to improve our tool.