Middle East: the situation of religious and ethnic communities has evolved from ‘alarming to desperate’

The situation of religious and ethnic communities in the Middle East in general and in Iraq and Syria in particular has “evolved from alarming to desperate”, the Parliamentary Assembly said today. More

Georgia: overcoming ‘polarisation’ to continue democratic development

Michael Aastrup Jensen (Denmark, ALDE) and Boriss Cilevics (Latvia, SOC) During a plenary debate, the Assembly applauded all political forces in Georgia for the handover of power which occurred 'peacefully and democratically' following the parliamentary and presidential elections. More

PACE debates the crisis in Ukraine

"There needs to be a permanent and durable ceasefire in Ukraine, together with the unconditional and complete withdrawal of foreign troops from the country", said Stefan Schennach, opening a current affairs debate. More

PACE backs plan for a Europe-wide day for victims of hate crime

PACE has given its strong backing to a proposal put forward by youth activists to declare 22 July – the anniversary of the terrorist attack in Oslo and at Utøya – as a “European Day for Victims of Hate Crime”.  More

Pre-electoral visit to Ukraine

Christopher Chope (United Kingdom, SOC) A delegation led by Christopher Chope will carry out a pre-electoral mission to Ukraine on 7-8 October, to assess the election campaign and political climate prior to the early parliamentary elections on 26 October. More

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