'We must resist the temptation to dilute the absolute ban on torture'

“The absolute prohibition of torture, enshrined in Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the system of protection of human rights in Europe," said Anne Brasseur. More

PACE monitoring co-rapporteurs make fact-finding visit to Azerbaijan

Pedro Agramunt and Tadeusz Iwiński, PACE co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of Azerbaijan, will visit the country on 2-3 March to further assess the honouring of its obligations and commitments to the Council of Europe.  More

Anne Brasseur will make a visit to a detention centre for irregular migrants

PACE President Anne Brasseur will make a visit to a detention centre for irregular migrants and asylum seekers on 3rd March in Luxembourg. She will be accompanied by the Chairperson and members of the Luxembourg delegation to PACE. More

PACE co-rapporteurs strongly condemn the killing of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov

The two co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of Russia by PACE, Theodora Bakoyannis and Liliane Maury Pasquier, have condemned in the strongest possible terms the killing of leading Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. More

PACE President reacts to shooting of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow

Anne Brasseur (Luxembourg, ALDE) "I am deeply shocked by the shooting in Moscow of Boris Nemtsov, a long-time interlocutor of the Council of Europe and a strong and clear voice in Russia’s opposition,” PACE President Anne Brasseur has said. More

PACE President calls for release of PACE member arrested in Moscow

PACE President Anne Brasseur reminds Russian authorities that arrested PACE member Oleksii Honcharenko benefits from parliamentary immunity, and calls for his immediate release. More

PACE Standing Committee to meet in Paris

PACE Standing Committee meeting in the French National Assembly The Standing Committee will meet in Paris on Friday 6 March. Debates notably include threats to the rule of law in Council of Europe member States and democratic participation for migrant diaspora. More

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