Standing Committee to meet in Paris

The PACE Standing Committee will meet in Paris on 16 March. After an opening address by President Nicoletti, the parliamentarians will hold an exchange of views with the President of the European Court of Human Rights, Guido Raimondi. More

OECD Secretary General and PACE President decide to step up co-operation

“Closer and stronger co-operation between PACE and the OECD is essential to strengthen the democratic resilience of our society,” said Michele Nicoletti, at the end of a bilateral meeting with Angel Gurría. More

Rapporteur highlights ‘the very high quality of dialogue between PACE and the Parliament of Morocco’

“After meeting different game-players of the political reform process in Morocco, my impression is that reforms are on track and developing at various speeds,” said Bodgan Klich at the end of a fact-finding mission to Rabat. More

Diasporas are key to tackling radicalisation

PACE’s new “Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies”, holding its first meeting in Rabat on 8 February, looked at how to integrate migrants in ways that were most likely to stop young people from being attracted to terror.  More

PACE calls for ban on trade in items used in executions or torture

PACE has called for a ban on trade in items used in executions or torture – urging all 47 Council of Europe member States to apply the approach of the EU, which bans some items and operates a case-by-case licensing system for others. More

Fighting organised crime by facilitating the confiscation of illegal assets

The Committee on Legal Affairs notes that the confiscation of criminal assets is often prevented by “an unreasonably heavy burden of proof placed on the competent national authorities" in different countries. More

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