The Istanbul Convention will enter into force on 1 August 2014

José Mendes Bota welcomed the ratification of the Istanbul Convention by Andorra and Denmark which respectively became the 10th and 11th member states of the Council of Europe to ratify this legal instrument. More

PACE President reacts to recent execution in Belarus: ”No state has a right to kill”

“The Assembly has on numerous occasions expressed its total and unconditional condemnation of the death penalty,” said Anne Brasseur in reaction to the execution in Belarus of Pavel Sialiun, aged 23. More

President welcomes the agreement for a resolution of the crisis in Ukraine

“The agreement reached yesterday in Geneva between the United States, Russia, the EU and Ukraine is a positive step after the recent deterioration of the situation," said Anne Brasseur. More

Citing Crimea, PACE suspends voting rights of Russian delegation and excludes it from leading bodies

PACE has decided to suspend the voting rights of the Russian delegation, as well as its right to be represented in the Assembly’s leading bodies, and its right to participate in election observation missions. More

“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”: presidential election (2nd round) and early parliamentary elections

Skopje, ''l'ex-République yougoslave de Macédoine''  © Zefart A PACE delegation led by Stefan Schennach will observe the conduct of the presidential election (2nd round) and the early parliamentary elections, alongside observers from the OSCE-PA and the ODIHR.  More

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