Trafficking in human organs in Kosovo: “Truth’s onward march continues also in this case”

I welcome that truth’s onward march continues in the case of trafficking in human organs in Kosovo, as well as in the case of the illegal CIA detentions, following the recent judgments of the Court, said Anne Brasseur. More

Children in Gaza are caught up in a war with no respect for their rights, says PACE rapporteur

“Whilst more and more children are dying and being wounded in Gaza, neither the two conflict parties, nor the international community are taking effective action to protect the most vulnerable in this conflict” said Stella Kyriakides. More

The ‘common European spirit’ still animates the process of European integration

Speaking at the opening of the 76th Session of the European Youth Parliament, Anne Brasseur was confident that the ‘common European spirit’ that animated European integration after the Second World War was not fading out. More

General rapporteur on abolition of the death penalty concerned about the latest execution in the United States

Marietta Karamanli, general rapporteur of the PACE on the abolition of the death penalty, said that she stood aghast at news of what appears to have been yet another botched execution in the United States. More

A new Convention for combating domestic violence

PACE President Anne Brasseur On 1 August 2014, a new stage will begin in the protection of human rights in Europe: the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence will enter into force in 11 Council of Europe member States. More

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