Brexit: ‘something of the European ideal has been lost today’

“Something of the European ideal has been lost today following the UK’s vote for Brexit,” said PACE President Pedro Agramunt, speaking on the last day of the Assembly’s plenary session in Strasbourg. More

Terrorism: #NoHateNoFear, a PACE initiative

The Assembly today launched a #NoHateNoFear initative to counter terrorism. Parliamentarians stood up to say NO to hate and fear and committed themselves to follow up on this initiative in their parliaments. More

Reaffirming the role of the Assembly as a pan-European forum for inter-parliamentary dialogue and co-operation

Legal affairs / Committee meeting / Paris In a declaration adopted today, the PACE Bureau reaffirms the Assembly’s role as a pan-European forum for political dialogue among democratically elected members of parliament from the Organisation’s 47 member states. More

Parliamentarians list steps to protect migrants from violence

PACE has spelled out a series of steps to protect migrants from violence – whether physical violence, labour exploitation, trafficking, sexual harassment, discrimination or hate speech. More

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

26 June marks the Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. This is a day for governments and parliaments throughout the world to reflect on the devastating impact of illicit drug markets on the health and human rights. More

Greek Prime Minister issues strong call for ‘a better Europe’

Alexis Tsipras issued a strong call for “a better Europe, and a new and inspiring vision for Europe’s citizens” today when addressing parliamentarians from the 47-nation Council of Europe. More

Improving transparency in European institutions

While welcoming the measures taken by the EU institutions to improve its transparency and avoid conflicts of interest, PACE called for additional measures to ensure fair access to these institutions by all extra-institutional actors. More

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