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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Summer session: 24-28 June 2013
PACE urges a total ban on coerced sterilisation or castration ‘in any way for any reason’
[26/06/2013]  PACE today urged Council of Europe member states to revise their laws and policies to ensure that “no one can be coerced into sterilisation or castration in any way for any reason”. Approving a resolution on the subject based on a report by Liliane Maury Pasquier (Switzerland, SOC), the parliamentarians declared... (more..)

Summer session: 24-28 June 2013
The Council of Europe and its Assembly must remain in the forefront of the fight against corruption
[26/06/2013]  The Council of Europe, its Assembly and its member States must remain in the forefront of the fight against corruption. The adopted text on “Corruption as a threat to the rule of law”, based on the report prepared by Mailis Reps (Estonia, ALDE), calls on member States to step up international co-operation and to review their legislation concerning the fight against corruption.  (more..)

Summer session: 24-28 June 2013
Reducing inequalities in access to health care
[26/06/2013]  With a view to reducing inequalities in access to health care, which are growing constantly against the background of the current crisis, especially for vulnerable groups, PACE has called on member states to reduce the proportion of health expenditure payable by the most disadvantaged patients and ensure accessibility to health professionals throughout the country as well as to information on the health system.  (more..)

Summer session: 24-28 June 2013
PACE approves Icelandic delegation, noting its pledge to comply with gender balance rules soon
[26/06/2013]  PACE has decided to ratify the credentials of the Icelandic parliamentary delegation – challenged on the opening day of the session because of a lack of gender balance – noting that the delegation has undertaken to comply with the Rules, which require at least one woman to be appointed as a Representative, at the earliest opportunity.  (more..)

Summer session: 24-28 June 2013
Karim Ghellab: Morocco is 'committed to promote and defend human rights'
[26/06/2013]  Karim Ghellab, President of Morocco’s Assembly of Representatives, told members of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly that Morocco is ‘committed to human rights’, including ‘the principle of equality between men and women’ and the balance of power in government.  (more..)

Political Affairs and Democracy
PACE committee head calls for release of human rights defenders in Iran as ‘act of reconciliation’
[26/06/2013]  “The recent election of Hassan Rohani as Iran’s President-elect has raised new hope of a change in the relationship between Iran and the international community,” said Pietro Marcenaro (Italy, SOC), Chairperson of PACE’s Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy, following a meeting today in Strasbourg with Ali Ahani, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ambassador to France.  (more..)

Legal Affairs and Human Rights
PACE rapporteur calls on Texas not to execute Kimberly McCarthy
[26/06/2013]  “I call on the state of Texas to stop the execution of Kimberly McCarthy,” said Marina Schuster, PACE's General Rapporteur on abolition of the death penalty. “The Council of Europe’s abolitionist stance, including vis-à-vis Observer States such as the United States and Japan, is reflected in numerous resolutions and recommendations adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly,” said Ms Schuster. (more..)