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Credentials of Albanian delegation to PACE challenged

The credentials of the Albanian delegation to PACE were challenged on procedural grounds on the opening day of the session in Strasbourg. Making the challenge, Mátyás Eörsi (Hungary), who heads the ALDE group, said: “We have reason to believe that one of our Assembly members from Albania was removed in a way which is in breach of the applicable rules.” The Assembly’s Rules Committee will now prepare a report on the matter, and the Assembly will make a final decision on Thursday morning. More

Seminar in Stockholm on the role of the opposition in a democratic parliament

“The role of the opposition in a democratic parliament” is the title of a seminar which took place at the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm on 10 December 2004, organised by PACE's Rules Committee. The seminar covered topics such as “how much opposition is necessary or desirable in a democracy?” and the rights and resources necessary for an opposition to contribute to the democratic functioning of a parliament, drawing on examples of current practice from national legislatures around Europe. More

A larger, more representative Bureau

The Assembly today agreed to expand its Bureau – the body which prepares and co-ordinates its work – from 25 members to 36 members, including the chairpersons of the Assembly’s ten general committees and creating a new Vice-President to represent smaller national delegations. With their in-depth knowledge of the Assembly’s activities, the committee chairs would make the Bureau more representative, the Assembly said. The new, enlarged Bureau will meet for the first time on Friday 25 June. More