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Rules Committee clarifies the list of possible 'sanctions' in the event of a challenge to credentials

In the event of a challenge to the credentials of a national delegation, the Parliamentary Assembly may not question the right of Assembly members to take part in the election of senior Council of Europe officials. More

Rules Committee proposes to strengthen PACE's decision-making process on credentials and voting

The Committee on Rules of Procedure proposes to amend some of the Assembly's Rules on challenges to the credentials of national delegations, including as regards the majorities required. More

PACE committee to weigh proposals related to Assembly rules on ‘participation rights’ of national delegations

The Rules Committee has appointed Petra De Sutter to prepare a report covering “proposals relating to the challenge or reconsideration of credentials and to representation and participation rights of national delegations”. More

Budgetary crisis at the Council of Europe: Rules Committee outlines impact on the work of the Assembly

The committee has proposed to the PACE to remove Turkish from PACE’s list of working languages. According to the committee, “the draconian reduction” of the Assembly’s budget for 2018 and 2019 “calls for drastic measures”. More

Liechtenstein delegation comes top for voting at PACE

Parliamentarians from Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Sweden and Andorra voted most often in plenary debates of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly during 2017, according to statistics made public. More

A new Council of Europe summit to revitalise democracy, the rule of law and human rights in Europe

The Committee on Rules of Procedure welcomed the prospect of a future CoE Summit of Heads of State or Government in order to revitalise democracy, the rule of law and human rights, values which today are severely “under pressure”. More