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‘Failed’ execution in Ohio: a barbaric and unacceptable act of torture

Yves Cruchten, General Rapporteur on the abolition of the death penalty, has expressed outrage at the ‘failed’ execution in Ohio of 69-year-old convicted murderer, Alva Campbell, who suffers with serious breathing difficulties. More

Libya: the Council of Europe must be ready to provide its expertise in the institutional field

"There might be a window of opportunity for Libyans to reengage in a genuine political dialogue, more inclusive than it has been so far, with peace in sight,” said Attila Korodi. More

Jean-Pierre Chevènement: ‘The answer to Salafi theology is to bring cultured Islam to the fore’

"The European approach must consist of exchanging our experiences, finding ways to move towards a cultured Islam. The Salafi theology can countered through far more sophisticated training," said M. Chevènement. More

Improving legislation to combat the abuse of administrative resources during electoral processes

The abuse of administrative resources during electoral processes is a violation of the principle of equal opportunities for political parties and candidates participating in elections," said speakers at a PACE conference. More

The Convention on the Protection of Personal Data needs to be modernised

In response to developments in information technologies, the committee considers it urgent to modernise the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data. More

Azerbaijan: new law ‘likely to harm’ profession of lawyer

Stefan Schennach and Cezar Florin Preda, co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of Azerbaijan, have expressed their concern at the adoption of the amendments to the law 'on advocates and advocacy'. More