Dick Marty calls for prompt ratification of the Rome Statute by the United States

“The new American administration wishes to break with the past and return to the path of the rule of law,” said Dick Marty (Switzerland, ALDE), former PACE rapporteur on the illegal transfer of detainees and secret detentions in Europe, at a press conference today in Strasbourg. 

“Some European governments would be well advised to tell the truth before the Washington Post or the New York Times reveal it,” he added. Mr Marty made an urgent appeal to Council of Europe member states to follow the example of Switzerland and Portugal, the only countries that have indicated their willingness to accept prisoners from Guantanamo due to be freed by the United States. Mr Marty also said that he sincerely hoped that the way the UN Security Council and the EU managed their terrorist "blacklists" would be revised to bring them into line with the basic standards of a country governed by the rule of law.

Lastly, he called on the United States to ratify the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court promptly, “as the ICC will only function properly if all major states take part.”