Turin conference: human rights and foreign policy

Strasbourg, 03.12.2012 – All too often, human rights become part of foreign policy considerations only when situations have degenerated into humanitarian emergencies. Can human rights become a structural and systematic element of foreign policy so that, without neglecting any emergency that may arise, a medium to long-term approach can be developed in order to pre-empt the use of force through political action?

This question will be discussed in Turin on Thursday 13 December by the Chairs of the member states’ Foreign Affairs and Human Rights Committees and by representatives of the EU and the UN, at a conference organised by the PACE Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy, in conjunction with the Italian Senate’s Human Rights Committee and the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

This event, which will be attended by the Italian Minister of Labour, Social Policies and Equal Opportunities, follows up on the July 2012 report of the Italian Senate’s Human Rights Committee, and on Resolution 1901 (2012) adopted in October 2012 by PACE, based on the report by Pietro Marcenaro (Italy, SOC).