Sweden: PACE rapporteur advocates setting up a parliamentary study group on sectarianism

Strasbourg, 13.12.2012 - Following a fact-finding visit to Stockholm in connection with the preparation of his report on protection of minors against sectarian influence, the rapporteur of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights Rudy Salles (France, EPP/CD) has ascertained that in Sweden the national education system, particularly the arrangements for funding private schools, together with the system for registering associations, embody defects that might prompt abuses at the hands of sectarian movements.

Mr Salles laid special emphasis on the need to harmonise, at European level, measures for protecting minors against the influence of sects, as the phenomenon of sectarian extremes is acquiring a more and more international complexion, and backed the idea of setting up a parliamentary study group on sectarianism.

During his visit, Mr Salles spoke with the members of the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag), representatives of the governmental committee for support to religious communities and of the school inspectorate, the national youth agency and associations aiding victims of sectarian abuses.