Education must be renewed to ensure the future of young Europeans

Strasbourg, 12.03.2013 – In adopting a draft resolution and a draft recommendation on the basis of the report by Polonca Komar (Slovenia, ALDE) “Young Europeans: an urgent educational challenge”, PACE’s Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media underlined the fact that education is “a pillar of youth empowerment” and that measures must be taken rapidly to allow young people to make a successful start to their working lives.

Tomorrow’s workers must have access to varied training which allows them to combine knowledge and skills with personal fulfilment. The committee pointed out that it was important to “intensify efforts aimed at the recognition of youth work and non-formal and informal learning” and underlined the key role to be played by parents and teachers to prevent “early school leaving”.

It was particularly in favour of preparing a policy instrument defining principles for the recognition and validation of non-formal education. Finally, the Committee invited member states to secure the provision of adequate resources for education – not below 6 per cent of GDP.