Ways to help children report abuse in their ‘circle of trust’

Baku, 11.06.2013 – Improving measures to help children report abuse happening within their “circle of trust” – family, friends, people from their activities or sports clubs, and among their internet contacts – was one of the main challenges to emerge during a parliamentary conference in Baku on the implementation in Azerbaijan of the ONE-in-FIVE campaign to stop sexual violence against children.

Participants – which included parliamentarians, government representatives, representatives of civil society and international experts – agreed that training professionals to help children speak up, and allow them to do so in a safe and non-traumatising environment, should be amongst the objectives of the campaign.

Smooth co-operation between different institutions and professionals – such as teachers, medical staff and law-enforcement bodies such as the police – would also be essential, participants agreed.

The conference was organised at the initiative of Sevinj Fataliyeva (Azerbaijan, EDG), Azeri contact parliamentarian for the campaign.