PACE urges a total ban on coerced sterilisation or castration ‘in any way for any reason’

Strasbourg, 26.06.2013 – PACE today urged Council of Europe member states to revise their laws and policies to ensure that “no one can be coerced into sterilisation or castration in any way for any reason”.

Approving a resolution on the subject based on a report by Liliane Maury Pasquier (Switzerland, SOC), the parliamentarians declared: “There is a small, but significant number of both sterilisations and castrations which would fall under the various definitions of ‘coerced’. These are mainly directed against transgender persons, Roma women and convicted sex offenders. Neither forced nor coerced sterilisations or castrations can be legitimated in any way in the 21st century – they must stop.”

The Assembly urged “adequate redress for victims of recent (and future) coerced sterilisation or castration, including the protection and rehabilitation of victims, the prosecution of offenders, and financial compensation”.