Albania monitoring: PACE welcomes progress but says ‘serious concerns remain’

PACE has welcomed Albania’s “marked progress” in honouring its Council of Europe obligations and commitments, but regrets that many important reforms were delayed or negatively affected by the deep political crisis after 2009.

In a resolution based on a report by Grigore Petrenco (Republic of Moldova, UEL) and Jonathan Evans (United Kingdom, EDG), the Assembly called on all political forces to agree further electoral reform and encouraged “a change of attitude and the fostering of a culture of co-operation and democratic values by all concerned”.

In particular, it urged the opposition not to resort to boycotting the work of the parliament and urged the ruling majority not to use its constitutional majority to bypass the opposition.

PACE said that despite the progress achieved “serious concerns remain”, in particular regarding the impartiality of democratic institutions and the civil service, the independence of the judiciary and the fight against endemic corruption.

It emphasised that consistent and concrete action by all stakeholders, the authorities and opposition, are needed to ensure that all membership obligations and commitments are fully honoured.

Consequently, the Assembly resolved to continue its monitoring of Albania.