Ban Ki-moon calls for mobilisation against violent extremism

In his address to PACE convened today in plenary session in Strasbourg, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon assured Europe of UN support in combating violent extremism and the rise of antisemitism, anti-muslim attacks and related forms of discrimination.

He commended the action of the Council of Europe to address this issue, including how radicalisation leads to terrorism, welcoming the Additional Protocol to the Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism adopted by the Council and the creation of the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance. He announced the launch in November of a United Nations action plan to prevent extremism. To counter the terrorist threat, “security measures and even military action” might be required, he said.

Ban Ki-moon also advocated protection of the rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, particularly those crossing the Mediterranean and the Andaman Sea, as well as the Bay of Bengal. He recommended setting up “legal channels” in Europe, such as resettlement, family reunification and work and study visas, to guarantee safe migration.

Regarding the conflict in Ukraine, which has caused over 6 000 fatalities in just over a year, Ban Ki-moon reiterated his appeal that there should be “all possible efforts to press the parties to fully implement the Minsk Agreements and achieve a political solution”. Any peaceful resolution, he emphasised, must be based on “human rights protection, accountability and justice for victims – in a sovereign, independent and unified Ukraine”.