Daniel Mitov: ‘Migration is not a threat to our democracies, but intolerance and hatred are’

“Governments and political leaders should refrain from using xenophobic rhetoric linking migrants to social problems or security risks, thereby making the integration of the few migrants staying in the country even more problematic”, said Daniel Mitov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and Chairman of the Committee of Ministers, addressing the Assembly today.

“Migration is not a threat to our democracies, but intolerance and hatred do represent such a threat”, he added, highlighting the responsibility of the international community to improve the difficult humanitarian situation and to protect migrants’ human rights.

Mr Mitov also reviewed the events organised in Sofia in the framework of the Bulgarian Chairmanship, including the Conference “Reaching the Heights for the Rights of the Child” – during which was launched the Council of Europe’s Child Right’s Strategy (2016-2021) – and the Conference “Democratic stability based on the European unity and co-operation”, whose main topic was the idea of holding a Fourth Summit of the Council of Europe, aiming to reaffirm at the highest political level the member States’ commitment to the common values and principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

Finally, Mr Mitov reviewed some of the main activities of the Committee of Ministers since the beginning of the year.