László Kövér: “The present wave of mass migration will not stop by itself”

“Due to the mistaken European migration policy, the present wave of mass migration will not stop by itself. This is why we have to stop it. If we do not stop it - and there is much to say that we will not – we have to face up to the consequences,” said László Kövér, Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, adressing the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament.

Co-presenting the theme ‘Migration and refugee crisis in Europe – role and responsabilities’, Mr Kövér added: “It is our firm view that human beings and human communities are entitled to their birthland, and should enjoy the right to use their mother tongue, practice their religion, uphold their culture and seek happiness in their forefathers’ land. Nobody should be driven from their birth land against their will, and no community’s birth land should be settled by others. The international community and its institutions should work towards this goal.”