Anne Brasseur: ‘Let’s be stronger than racism, fear and hate’

“There are three elements, among others, which put our democratic systems under threat: poverty, corruption and hatred, said Anne Brasseur, member of the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance and Ambassador of the No Hate Speech Movement, addressing the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament today.

Ms Brasseur made proposals in order to mobilise parliaments against hateful and racist societies forming in the member States. “Despite their political differences, parliamentarians should take up their responsibilities, draw together a red line and say no to hate speech, such as through the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance and by using Council of Europe’s tools,” she said.

“They should also provide space in public debates to voices of minorities and those that are targets of hate speech – usually the same, that is women, lgbtiq people, refugees, Roma, Muslims, and those who are considered as being “others”, she added.

Finally, she encouraged parliamentarians to promote access to social rights and strengthen human rights education, “a tool to empower young people to reject hate speech and discriminative narratives”.