Rapporteur expresses concern at Russia’s decision to withdraw its signature from the Rome Statute

“I sincerely regret the fact that the Russian Federation has announced its intention to withdraw its signature from the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court (ICC)”, declared Alain Destexhe (Belgium, ALDE), Chair of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, charged with the follow-up to his own report on “Co-operation with the International Criminal Court: towards a concrete and expanded commitment”.

“As the Assembly pointed out in Resolution 2134 (2016), the universal ratification of the Rome Statute is essential to combat impunity and support the ICC, which is the first ever permanent international court tasked with judging war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The Russian Federation signed the Rome Statute in 2000 and its authorities’ decision to cease to be a party to this international treaty may thwart all efforts to promote the universal jurisdiction of the ICC and co-operation with it. Consequently, I hope that the authorities of the Russian Federation will review their decision and they will remain committed to ensuring that the perpetrators of the most serious crimes will not go unpunished”.