Combating intolerance and discrimination by countering hate speech

A seminar on “Combating intolerance and discrimination by countering hate speech: the role of parliaments” was held at the National Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on 15 December, in the framework of the activities of the PACE No Hate Parliamentary Alliance. It was the first seminar organised within the Council of Europe Action Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015-2017.

Speakers included, in particular, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Minister of Human Rights and Refugees, and representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office and civil society.

In the road map for activities for the period 2016-2017, the No Hate Alliance decided to hold a series of national seminars aiming on one hand to take stock of the situation in specific Council of Europe member States as regards hatred, racism and intolerance, and on the other hand to discuss measures to counter these phenomena.

These seminars involve, in addition to national members of the No Hate Alliance, also representatives of the Council of Europe Youth Sector’s No Hate Speech Movement campaign and the member of ECRI in respect of the country concerned. The aim is to consolidate synergies between different bodies of the Council of Europe working to combat racism and intolerance, and to reach out to civil society organisations active in this field.