Promoting the inclusion of Roma and Travellers

In a resolution adopted on the basis of a report by Tobias Zech (Germany, EPP/CD), PACE has called on member States actively to promote equal access to employment for Roma and Travellers and, also in the field of employment, to ensure that effective anti-discrimination laws are in place, providing for accessible complaints procedures. “Access to employment is a crucial factor in social inclusion,” the members said.

“All Roma and Traveller children should have genuine access to quality education,” they said, calling for school segregation to be eliminated and an inclusive environment to be created for Roma and Traveller children in the education system. The text adopted also recommends that unskilled and semi-skilled Roma and Traveller workers should have access to return-to-education, retraining and vocational education programmes.

Lastly, the Assembly called on member States to incorporate measures to fight anti-Gypsyism and combat prejudices and stereotypes as an integral part of all efforts to promote the inclusion of Roma and Travellers. For their part, local authorities should foster good relations between these groups and the broader community, the adopted text says.