Tirana: parliamentary seminar on ‘Freedom of expression in the media’

A seminar on “Freedom of expression in the media” organised by PACE, in cooperation with the Albanian parliamentary delegation, will be held in Tirana on 24 February 2017. It aims at providing an opportunity for enhanced dialogue on the issue, adopting a peer-to-peer approach, between parliamentarians of the Parliament of Albania and members of parliaments of other Council of Europe member States. Good practices shall be shared and synergies created with local and international experts from civil society and institutions in the field of Media, to help promote Council of Europe standards and identify concrete areas of reform of the Albanian legislative framework.

This parliamentary seminar shall provide in particular elements for a discussion within the Parliament of Albania regarding the missions of the public broadcaster RTSH and the Audiovisual Media Authority AMA, in order to foster a pluralist media environment in Albania.

Furthermore, the seminar shall also discuss defamation and hate-speech in Albania, from the perspective of the European Convention of Human Rights.

The proposed seminar intends to implement the Council of Europe Action Plan for Albania 2015-2017, adopted by the Committee of Ministers. It aims at empowering parliamentarians to improve legislation and operational mechanisms in four policy areas: Media, Corruption, Justice and Discrimination.