PACE President strongly condemns executions in Jordan

Pedro Agramunt, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), has expressed his dismay at the announcement today of the execution of fifteen Jordanians sentenced to death for terrorism and various crimes, at the prison of Souaga, in the south of Amman.

“When the Jordanian Parliament was granted Partner for Democracy status* in January 2016, it undertook to pursue its efforts to raise the awareness of the public authorities and civil society as regards abolishing the death penalty and to apply consistently the moratorium on executions that was established in 2006,” he stressed.

"These executions, which I firmly condemn, stand in contrast with the commitments made by Jordan. The use of the death penalty, wherever it takes place, is simply unjustifiable," said President Agramunt, calling on the Jordanian authorities to put an end to the executions and to abolish the death penalty set out in the Criminal Code.

*This status, introduced by PACE in 2010, aims to establish institutional co-operation with parliaments of non-member states in neighbouring regions wishing to benefit from the Assembly’s experience in democracy building and to participate in the political debate on common challenges which transcend European boundaries.