Terror in the UK – victims to speak in Strasbourg

Three personalities who have suffered in different ways from recent terror attacks in the United Kingdom, yet work to counter extremism, are to address a special hearing of PACE’s Political Affairs Committee in Strasbourg.

The event – taking place as part of the committee’s ongoing work on preventing extremism and protecting victims – will be streamed live via the web (beginning at 2pm on Wednesday 28 June).

Brendan Cox, the husband of British MP Jo Cox – who was tragically murdered on the eve of the UK’s referendum on EU membership – will speak from London by video about her legacy and her powerful message of “more in common”.

Sajda Mughal OBE, who survived the 7/7 London bombing in 2005 and went on to set up an organisation to work with women in minority communities to prevent radicalisation, the JAN Trust, will also talk about her experiences and her work.

Finally, Imam Imran Muhammad from Manchester – the scene of a terrible bomb attack only a month ago – will present his work with an innovative cross-community project in the city to counter hate and extremism, the “Me and You” Education Project.

Their interventions will contribute to a report currently being prepared by the committee on the protection of terror victims, which will build on recently-adopted Council of Europe guidelines in this area.

In recent months the committee has also heard from the victims of other terror attacks around Europe, including on Utøya Island in Norway and the Bataclan in France.