Morgan Johansson: “Migration will be a top global challenge for decades to come”

“Migration will be a top global challenge for decades to come. We must face it with more solidarity, more co-operation and more commitment than we have had before,” today said Morgan Johansson, Minister for Justice and Migration of Sweden, addressing the Assembly in the context of a joint debate on migration.

He considers that Europe could do much more on resettlement. “Sweden is increasing resettlement up to 5 000 next year, more than doubling our programme in two years,” he said, suggesting that the EU should start a joint European resettlement programme for its member States. He also called on European countries to increase their support to UNHCR, UNICEF and other organisations, “who were keeping millions of refugees alive everyday”.

At the same time, “we must have control over our outer boarders and fight the ruthless smugglers who are exploiting the refuges,” he stated. “We must also have functioning systems of returns, that is a crucial part of a regulated migration,” he stressed.

“Finally, we must never allow ourselves to fall back into the hate rhetoric,” he said. “Prejudice and racist beliefs can never be allowed to sink their claws into the human mind again. We must build on what unites us, not what separates us,” Mr Johansson concluded.