Humanitarian situation of the Rohingya people

Referring to the serious humanitarian crisis taking place in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, the Political Affairs Committee has made the following statement, in line with Rule 47.9 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly:

“In Myanmar’s Rakhine State, a serious humanitarian crisis is taking place. The security forces are carrying out operations against Rohingya Muslims, killing thousands of civilians. It is reported that Myanmar has blocked UN aid agencies delivering vital aid supplies and nearly 90 thousand civilians have left their homes and moved to Bangladesh.

In the Rakhine State of Myanmar, human rights and the values of the Council of Europe are undermined and violated. There is much Council of Europe members can and must do to stop this tragedy, and secure the safety of civilians in Myanmar. This is a humanitarian tragedy and should be a concern for the international community. If immediate action is not taken, the human disaster in the Rakhine State will become only worse.

The first step must be stopping the ongoing violence and providing unimpeded humanitarian aid to the region. The International Community should immediately deliver humanitarian aid to the region.

Problems in the Rakhine State may have implications for the regional security as indicated in the final report of the Rakhine Advisory Commission. People fleeing from their homes are trying to find safety in Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh already faces serious difficulties in addressing the situation.

All Council of Europe member states should be ready to work with Myanmar and Bangladesh to address the humanitarian situation in the region in the short term."