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Date   Votes on draft texts
23/06/2015 Evaluation of the partnership for democracy in respect of the Parliament of Morocco (Doc. 13807)
23/06/2015 Improving the protection of whistle-blowers (Doc. 13791)
23/06/2015 The functioning of democratic institutions in Azerbaijan (Doc. 13801)
24/06/2015 Consideration of the annulment of the previously ratified credentials of the delegation of the Russian Federation (follow-up to paragraph 16 of Resolution 2034 (2015)) (Doc. 13800)
24/06/2015 Increasing transparency of media ownership (Doc. 13747)
24/06/2015 Media responsibility and ethics in a changing media environment (Doc. 13803)
24/06/2015 Situation in Hungary following the adoption of Assembly Resolution 1941 (2013) (Doc. 13806)
25/06/2015 Missing persons during the conflict in Ukraine (Doc. 13808)
25/06/2015 Towards a new European Social Model (Doc. 13795)
26/06/2015 Increasing co-operation against cyberterrorism and other large-scale attacks on the Internet (Doc. 13802)
26/06/2015 Recognising and preventing neo-racism (Doc. 13809)