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Date   Votes on draft texts
21/06/2016 Fighting the over-sexualisation of children (Doc. 14080)
21/06/2016 Refugees at risk in Greece (Doc. 14082)
21/06/2016 Women in the armed forces: promoting equality, putting an end to gender-based violence (Doc. 14073)
22/06/2016 Administrative detention (Doc. 14079)
22/06/2016 The functioning of democratic institutions in Turkey (Doc. 14078)
23/06/2016 Culture and democracy (Doc. 14070)
23/06/2016 Educational and cultural networks of communities living abroad (Doc. 14069)
23/06/2016 Parliamentary immunity: challenges to the scope of the privileges and immunities enjoyed by members of the Parliamentary Assembly (Doc. 14076)
23/06/2016 The nature of the mandate of members of the Parliamentary Assembly (Doc. 14077)
23/06/2016 Transparency and openness in European institutions (Doc. 14075)
24/06/2016 Road safety in Europe as a public health priority (Doc. 14081)
24/06/2016 Violence against migrants (Doc. 14066)