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Date   Votes on draft texts
11/10/2016 Children’s rights related to surrogacy (Doc. 14140)
11/10/2016 Lessons from the “Panama Papers” to ensure fiscal and social justice (Doc. 14141)
12/10/2016 Co-operation with the International Criminal Court: towards a concrete and expanded commitment (Doc. 14136)
12/10/2016 Legal remedies for human rights violations on the Ukrainian territories outside the control of the Ukrainian authorities (Doc. 14139)
12/10/2016 Political consequences of the conflict in Ukraine (Doc. 14130)
12/10/2016 Sport for all: a bridge to equality, integration and social inclusion (Doc. 14127)
13/10/2016 Female genital mutilation in Europe (Doc. 14135)
13/10/2016 Harmonising the protection of unaccompanied minors in Europe (Doc. 14142)
14/10/2016 The impact of European population dynamics on migration policies (Doc. 14143)