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Date   Votes on draft texts
09/10/2017 Fourth part of the 2017 Ordinary Session (9-13 October 2017) (Doc. 14391)
10/10/2017 Evaluation of the partnership for democracy in respect of the Parliament of Jordan (Doc. 14399)
10/10/2017 Follow-up to Resolution 1903 (2012): promoting and strengthening transparency, accountability and integrity of Parliamentary Assembly members (Doc. 14407)
10/10/2017 The activities of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2016-2017 (Doc. 14401)
11/10/2017 Azerbaijan’s Chairmanship of the Council of Europe: what follow-up on respect for human rights? (Doc. 14397)
11/10/2017 Call for a Council of Europe Summit to reaffirm European unity and to defend and promote democratic security in Europe (Doc. 14396)
11/10/2017 Defending the acquis of the Council of Europe: preserving 65 years of successful intergovernmental co-operation (Doc. 14406)
11/10/2017 New threats to the rule of law in Council of Europe member States: selected examples (Doc. 14405)
11/10/2017 The functioning of democratic institutions in Azerbaijan (Doc. 14403)
11/10/2017 Venice Commission’s “Rule of Law Checklist” (Doc. 14387)
12/10/2017 Promoting the human rights of and eliminating discrimination against intersex people (Doc. 14404)
12/10/2017 Prosecuting and punishing the crimes against humanity or even possible genocide committed by Daesh (Doc. 14402)
12/10/2017 The new Ukrainian law on education: a major impediment to the teaching of national minorities' mother tongues (Doc. 14415)
12/10/2017 The use of new genetic technologies in human beings (Doc. 14328)
13/10/2017 Youth against corruption (Doc. 14395)