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23/04/2018 Second part of the 2018 Ordinary Session (23-27 April 2018) (Doc. 14513)
24/04/2018 Climate change and implementation of the Paris Agreement (Doc. 14521)
24/04/2018 Funding of the terrorist group Daesh: lessons learned (Doc. 14510)
24/04/2018 State of emergency: proportionality issues concerning derogations under Article 15 of the European Convention on Human Rights (Doc. 14506)
25/04/2018 Humanitarian needs and rights of internally displaced persons in Europe (Doc. 14527)
25/04/2018 The protection of editorial integrity (Doc. 14526)
25/04/2018 The situation in Libya: prospects and role of the Council of Europe (Doc. 14519)
25/04/2018 The status of journalists in Europe (Doc. 14505)
26/04/2018 Copenhagen Declaration, appreciation and follow-up (Doc. 14539)
26/04/2018 Fighting organised crime by facilitating the confiscation of illegal assets (Doc. 14516)
26/04/2018 Follow-up to the report of the Independent Investigation Body on the allegations of corruption within the Parliamentary Assembly (Doc. 14540)
26/04/2018 Legal challenges related to hybrid war and human rights obligations (Doc. 14523)
27/04/2018 Drug-resistant tuberculosis in Europe (Doc. 14525)
27/04/2018 Integration, empowerment and protection of migrant children through compulsory education (Doc. 14524)