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25/06/2018 Third part of the 2018 Ordinary Session (25-29 June 2018) (Doc. 14565)
26/06/2018 Protecting human rights defenders in Council of Europe member States (Doc. 14567)
26/06/2018 The humanitarian situation of refugees in the countries neighbouring Syria (Doc. 14569)
27/06/2018 Extra-territorial processing of asylum claims and the creation of safe refugee shelters abroad (Doc. 14571)
27/06/2018 Human rights impact of the “external dimension” of European Union asylum and migration policy: out of sight, out of rights? (Doc. 14575)
27/06/2018 International obligations of Council of Europe member States: to protect life at sea (Doc. 14586)
27/06/2018 New restrictions on NGO activities in Council of Europe member States (Doc. 14570)
27/06/2018 Persecution of LGBTI people in the Chechen Republic (Russian Federation) (Doc. 14572)
28/06/2018 Forced marriage in Europe (Doc. 14574)
28/06/2018 Striking a balance between the best interest of the child and the need to keep families together (Doc. 14568)
28/06/2018 Ukrainian citizens detained as political prisoners by the Russian Federation (Doc. 14591)
29/06/2018 Activities of the Assembly’s Bureau and Standing Committee (27 April-24 June 2018) (Doc. 14579)
29/06/2018 Deliberate destruction and illegal trafficking of cultural heritage (Doc. 14566)
29/06/2018 Empowering women in the economy (Doc. 14573)