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Date   Votes on draft texts
22/01/2019 Compatibility of Sharia law with the European Convention on Human Rights: can States Parties to the Convention be signatories to the “Cairo Declaration”? (Doc. 14787)
22/01/2019 Sergei Magnitsky and beyond – fighting impunity by targeted sanctions (Doc. 14661)
22/01/2019 Updating guidelines to ensure fair referendums in Council of Europe member States (Doc. 14791)
23/01/2019 Discrimination in access to employment (Doc. 14666)
23/01/2019 For a disability-inclusive workforce (Doc. 14665)
23/01/2019 Internet governance and human rights (Doc. 14789)
23/01/2019 Media freedom as a condition for democratic elections (Doc. 14669)
23/01/2019 Public service media in the context of disinformation and propaganda (Doc. 14780)
24/01/2019 Promoting the rights of persons belonging to national minorities (Doc. 14779)
24/01/2019 The escalation of tensions around the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait and threats to European security (Doc. 14811)
24/01/2019 The progress of the Assembly's monitoring procedure (January-December 2018) and the periodic review of the honouring of obligations by Iceland and Italy (Doc. 14792)
24/01/2019 The worsening situation of opposition politicians in Turkey: what can be done to protect their fundamental rights in a Council of Europe member State? (Doc. 14812)
25/01/2019 Improving follow-up to CPT recommendations: enhanced role of the Parliamentary Assembly and of national parliaments (Doc. 14788)
25/01/2019 Withdrawing nationality as a measure to combat terrorism: a human rights-compatible approach? (Doc. 14790)