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08/04/2019 Second part of the 2019 Ordinary Session (8-12 April 2019) (Doc. 14838)
09/04/2019 Establishment of a European Union mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights (Doc. 14850)
09/04/2019 Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals: synergy needed on the part of all stakeholders, from parliaments to local authorities (Doc. 14851)
09/04/2019 Promoting parliaments free of sexism and sexual harassment (Doc. 14843)
09/04/2019 Strengthening co-operation with the United Nations in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Doc. 14848)
10/04/2019 Role and mission of the Parliamentary Assembly: main challenges for the future (Doc. 14863)
10/04/2019 Stop hate speech and acts of hatred in sport (Doc. 14842)
10/04/2019 The role and responsibilities of political leaders in combating hate speech and intolerance (Doc. 14845)
11/04/2019 Laundromats: responding to new challenges in the international fight against organised crime, corruption and money laundering (Doc. 14847)
11/04/2019 Modification of various provisions of the Assembly’s Rules of Procedure (Doc. 14849)
11/04/2019 The situation of migrants and refugees on the Greek islands: more needs to be done (Doc. 14837)
12/04/2019 Anonymous donation of sperm and oocytes: balancing the rights of parents, donors and children (Doc. 14835)
12/04/2019 Social media: social threads or threats to human rights? (Doc. 14844)